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We are on a mission to build the software of tomorrow, today. We develop technology that empowers organizations to effectively integrate with their customers, make better more informed decisions, and ultimately increase their operational efficiency. We've advanced far beyond basic scanning technology to bring intelligence to the core of everything that matters most to your enterprise.

The medical companies that define our way of life will be the ones that get software, scanning technology and use of data correct. Getting this right is a requirement to deliver the best healthcare to those individuals who need it most. At Scanbase, we deliver the outcomes that matter to our customers by always aligning ourselves with their mission, and investing deeply in understanding what they are trying to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take to integrate with Scanbase?

It typically takes 2-10 weeks to design, build, and deploy your custom computer vision backed scanning app. Our proprietary library of predesigned UI templates and dynamic algorithms allows our team of designers, engineers, and computer vision researchers to get your workflow production ready in the most efficient manner possible.


What test types does Scanbase support?

Scanbase's computer vision algorithm supports a variety of colorimetric and lateral flow tests from a multitude of manufacturers. Some of these tests include:
• Covid-19
• Covid-19, Flu-A, Flu-B (Multiplex)
• Covid-19, RSV (Multiplex)
• Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
• Lipid Panel Tests
• Hepatitis
• Ketones

We are constantly onboarding additional tests to our catalog, and can work with you to onboard yours.


We already have a medical app, can Scanbase hook into our existing workflow?

Our unique approach allows Scanbase workflows to be injected into pre-existing apps with only a few lines of code.


What kind of analytics and insights does the Scanbase Platform caputure?

Scanbase built apps aggregate patient data across a multitude of dimensions. Our backend management platform allows your team to filter, sort, and visualize your data in any manner you need. In addition for highly custom analytics we allow you to instantly download your raw data within the app.


Is Scanbase HIPPA compliant?

We offer both conventional and HIPPA compliant data storage solutions depending on your specific needs.

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