Introducing our groundbreaking Urinalysis Computer Vision Algorithm: a cutting-edge solution that effortlessly bridges the gap between traditional testing and digital analysis. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this algorithm allows users to simply capture images of test strips using their smartphone or device. Within moments, Scanbase interprets the color gradations and patterns, translating them into accurate, comprehensible results.

*our technology can be deployed on device or through the browser
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accurate interpretation

Results with Clarity and Confidence

Gone are the days of subjective visual assessments and manual logging. With our algorithm, you're not just getting quick results; you're getting the future of urinalysis at your fingertips, ensuring consistency, clarity, and confidence in every reading.

Instant Analysis

With a single snap, users can obtain immediate results, eliminating the need for manual interpretation or lengthy lab waits.

HIPPA Standard

Prioritizing user confidentiality and data protection, our application adheres strictly to HIPAA standards.

Precise Recognition

Leveraging advanced computer vision techniques, our algorithm accurately detects even the subtlest color variations on test strips, ensuring precise and consistent readings every time.

Digital Records

The application seamlessly logs and stores each analysis, allowing users to track patterns, monitor changes, and share their records with healthcare professionals effortlessly.

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Users can move forward with precise results

Whether you're a healthcare professional or an individual seeking clarity, trust Scanbase to transform those colors into definitive answers.

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Scanbase is a Y Combinator company tackling
some of the most difficult issues in diagnostic imaging.