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Scanbase makes it easy to convert photos of rapid diagnostic tests into positive or negative results. We do this by providing an AI powered API that any medical company can access.

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Facing challenges with home diagnostics?

Traditional methods can lead to errors, increased costs, and delayed results. But there's a better way.

Blood Sample
Blood Card Analysis

Capture accurate results instantly. Patients snap a photo; our algorithm does the rest, ensuring error-free sample collection.

Workflow Builder

Convert your instructions into user-friendly native or mobile web apps. Engage customers efficiently while cutting costs.

Lateral Flow
Lateral Flow Analysis

Implement our Computer Vision algorithm to interpret lateral flow assays in as little as 4-6 weeks.

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Scanning 40+ Diagnostic Tests

Scanbase algorithms are engineered to handle any at-home or lab quality test on a wide variety of devices.

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Digital Diagnostics Use Cases

Below Are Some of Our Latest Use Cases

Computer Vision

Perform patient monitoring, with accurate data collection, and alerting healthcare providers to critical changes. Analyze diagnostic test results, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans, aiding in the early detection of diseases and abnormalities. Assist in surgery, offering real-time guidance to surgeons, improving precision, and minimizing risks.

Platform Advantages Included:

Robust Image Processing

Image pipelines

GPU and Cloud Integration

Data privacy and security

Adhere to GDPR or HIPAA

GPU and Cloud Integration

Explanations by models

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Computer Vision

Predictive Modeling & LLMs

Early signs on disease are often buried in historical lab results across a number of biomarkers. Scanbase Predictive AI models and LLMs can traverse these data sets at scale and surface early disease indicators that doctors may have missed and before symptoms appear. For diseases related to the kidneys, liver, or cancer.

Platform Advantages Included:

Integration with LLMs

Adaptable to Languages

Designed to Scale

Quick Response Times

Content Moderation

Customize LLM Behavior

Privacy, Data Protection

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Predictive Modeling & LLMs

Unstructured > Structured Data

The Scanbase AI Platform leverages NLP and machine learning techniques to extract meaningful information from unstructured data and transform it into highly usable structured formats, enabling organizations to quickly make data-driven decisions and automate processes more effectively.

Platform Advantages Included:

Entity Recognition

Structured Data Schema

Data Normalization

API and Integration Points

Batch and Real-time

Robust Error Handling

Audit trails, and Versioning

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Unstructured > Structured Data

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Browse over 20+ Resume Templates

Basic Templates

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Operationalize AI across your business to deliver benefits quickly

AI/ML Expertise
Dedicated Teams
Healthcare Focused

We support the growth of Medical Diagnostic Enterprises through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Build Industry Leading Products

Backed by Y Combinator Scanbase is building bleeding edge AI platforms.

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Develop research-driven technology

Stay at the forefront of AI innovation with Scanbase Research driving the adoption and scaling of AI.

Products and Services

Produce cost-savings solutions

Improve productivity through faster model development and deployment, yielding millions in benefits.

Products and Services

Embed intelligence at the heart of your enterprise.

We are currently experiencing an era marked by unparalleled disruption. Scanbase acknowledges the critical necessity of our customers to harness software for reliable, secure decision-making.

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AI Powered Decision Making

Scanbase is used across the healthcare and life sciences value chain

Drug discovery, software development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales

Scanbase assists providers, healthcare organizations, and healthcare systems alike.


At Scanbase, we specialize in addressing complex business challenges with bleeding-edge AI technology. Our tailored solutions are designed to help organizations navigate the ever-changing landscape of business problems, providing strategic insights and innovative approaches to enhance decision-making, optimize processes, and achieve results.

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Unlock the power of data with Scanbase's Data Intelligence and Management services. We offer comprehensive solutions for collecting, storing, analyzing, and leveraging data effectively. Our expertise ensures that your data becomes a valuable asset, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhancing your competitive advantage.

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AI Models

Harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Our AI/ML experts create custom models tailored to your unique needs, empowering your organization to derive actionable insights, automate processes, and drive innovation. We specialize in developing models that solve complex problems and drive business growth.

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Successful implementation is crucial for any AI-powered solution. Scanbase offers top-notch deployment and integration services to seamlessly integrate our AI solutions into your existing infrastructure. We ensure that our technology fits seamlessly into your operations, enabling you to maximize the benefits of AI while maintaining security and reliability.

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Latest Scanbase Articles

The Latest Topics in Digital Health, Diagnostics, AI and ML

Digital health diagnostics has transformed the way we approach wellness and medical assessments. Cutting-edge technologies make healthcare simpler, more accessible and accurate, offering patients a new era of convenience and efficiency.The Scanbase platform, a dynamic foundation designed to empower teams to swiftly master their AI core competency, is at the heart of our mission. It serves as a conduit, bridging the gaps between disparate data silos and unlocking the full potential of healthcare information.

The advantages of digital diagnostics

Accessibility - digital diagnostics bring healthcare to your doorstep. With a range of at-home testing kits and wearable devices, you can conveniently monitor your health without the need for frequent clinic visits.
Precision - powered by data analysis, modern tools offer highly accurate and data-driven results. They reduce the margin of error and enhance diagnostic reliability.
Speed - digital diagnostics provide rapid results so that you have the information you need in no time.
Convenience - say goodbye to long waiting times and travel inconveniences. Digital diagnostics allow you to assess your health on your schedule, in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to digital health diagnostics it’s possible to manage chronic conditions, monitor patients’ health, and share data with healthcare professionals in real-time, fostering a proactive approach to health management. This allows healthcare companies to improve productivity through faster model development and deployment, which yields millions in benefits in the long run.

Understanding digital diagnostics

Digital diagnostics are innovative healthcare tools that utilize digital technologies and data analysis to perform medical assessments and diagnose various health conditions. They encompass a wide range of applications, from at-home health monitoring devices to advanced medical imaging and laboratory tests conducted in a digital format. They are designed to streamline the diagnostic process and provide rapid, data-driven insights into your health.

The future of digital diagnostics with Scanbase

In the realm of digital diagnostics, Scanbase stands as a pioneering force, dedicated to facilitating the seamless integration of AI into the healthcare landscape. By combining the power of digital technologies with advanced data analytics, Scanbase contributes to the evolution of healthcare diagnostics, ensuring that individuals can access timely, accurate, and personalized insights into their health. As we navigate this era of transformative change, cutting-edge technology can shape the future of digital diagnostics and healthcare
Contact us and let's harness the potential of advanced solutions to create a healthcare landscape that is more accessible, and precise.