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Scanbase enables you to actively implement AI by concentrating on the segments of your business where AI can swiftly and ethically provide tangible advantages.

Digital Labor Services

Our extensive range of enterprise-grade AI products and analytics solutions are strategically crafted to simplify the challenges associated with AI adoption.

We aim to establish a robust data foundation, prioritize desired outcomes, and ensure responsible AI usage. Our research team is dedicated to pioneering the next wave of AI software and hardware innovations, with a focus on enabling seamless, cloud-native development and utilization of foundational models for enterprise AI.

Digital Labor

Enhance efficiency and convenience for your digital workforce by automating repetitive tasks, digital labor revolutionizing your team's work processes.

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AI/Data Platform

Easily train, validate, fine-tune, and deploy foundational and machine learning models. Seamlessly scale AI workloads to accommodate all your data needs.

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IT Automation

React with greater speed, and even take proactive measures, when addressing performance slowdowns and outages in your tech stack by leveraging comprehensive end-to-end visibility.

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Secure a competitive edge in the market

Our AI, data science, and data management offerings have been crafted to cater to a variety of practical applications in fields such as digital labor, proactive IT, cybersecurity automation, AI infrastructure, and beyond. To propel your AI implementation and lifecycle management forward, delve into our product offerings and pricing models for additional details.


AI, data science and data management solutions support a range of real-world use cases from digital labor, proactive IT, cybersecurity automation, AI infrastructure and more.


Reinvent critical workflows. Engage our team researchers. Protect your organization from global threats. Stay ahead with the latest AI innovations, and upskill your team to drive broader adoption.


AI Consulting

Revitalize essential workflows and operational processes by integrating AI to optimize experiences, enhance decision-making, and maximize business value.

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Engage our team researchers and analysts to protect your organization from global threats through penetration testing.

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Expert Services

Collaborate with our team of researchers and analysts to safeguard your organization against global threats through penetration testing.

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