Our mission

To deliver healthcare providers with leading edge technology that improves their patients at-home diagnostic journey.

Our vision

We believe the world deserves better access to healthcare. By continuing to support the advancement of computer vision technology and delivering patient-powered, Telehealth enabled workflows we can improve the quality of life for the people who need it most.

Scanbase is taking a revolutionary step in the diagnostic industry

“Scanbase is transforming the way we interface with our customers. They've taken our off the shelf product and catapulted us into a seamless digital world overnight. We're seeing a massive uptick in revenue.”

Scanbase Client
Los Angeles, CA

The values that drive our core teams

At Scanbase we build together.


Imagination & Innovation

Imagination begets innovation. To live at the bleeding edge of technology we are constantly redefining the bounds of possibility and encourage those we work with to do the same.


Decentralize & Distribute

The key to the next evolution in healthcare is to move diagnostic interpretation from the hands of the few, to the palms of the many.


Ethic & Efficiency

Efficiency is identifying and tackling those problems that unlock the most value. Charging these challenges with an impervious ethic yields a predictably impressive outcome–the outcome we need to disrupt the healthcare space.